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Not sure why this took me so long to put together. Was actually fairly tough looking back at some of it, as I’d forgotten what a complete state I got myself into in parts.

I didn’t actually film the worst parts. Filming and documenting was the absolute LAST thing on my mind; particularly in the latter stages in Scotland, but this gives an overall idea of what it was like to run for the 27 days without a break, and carrying what I’d describe as ‘not a lightweight’ rucksack on my back the entire way…

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Return to the Castle

Poster Active12 months ago, I ran in my first ever ultra (you can read about it here. It’s good, I promise!). So enamoured with the course and the race, I decided that I wanted to have another go at it this year. Seemed like a simple, and good enough idea.

A change to the schedule at the start of the year meant that this race was now only one week after my 100 mile debut at the North Downs Way 100.

North Downs Way 100


It was a strange feeling lining up at the start line as one of the ‘least’ experienced runners out there.

To most of my friends these days, I am now known as ‘Dan the runner’. I am forever being told by people that they have seen me out running while they were driving past; that they tried to get my attention, but I was just off in my own little world. If you were to ask the average friend of mine to describe me, they would probably go with “Oh yeah, Dan. Short guy, looks like a hobbit, always running…” Something like that anyway; or something a lot more insulting.

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