Run ‘Stronger’ Club


Combining Personal Training with a Running Club…

There are a lot of running clubs and groups about these days, which is great! Running as a sport has a great community base, and accessable to pretty much anybody willing to put the effort in.

So what makes mine different?

It’s all in the focus!


My trail running group at Teggs Nose 🙂

The main focus for this club is the ‘training‘ element; training SMART to match your goals and building a body that is more resistant to injury.

Modern Day Hobbit Adventure – Pt 2

#RunFrodoRun – Holland, Belgium and Germany (approx 290 miles)

My ride on the Bucklebury Ferry to continue my journey to Mordor!

My ride on the Bucklebury Ferry to continue my journey to Mordor!

Day 8: Bradfield to Hook of Holland

The ring grew heavier (or I was getting more tired. It’s hard to tell…) as I approached Harwich for the ferry on Sunday morning; one week precisely since the Manchester Marathon.

I was looking forward to a day of doing nothing. The sun had finally come out after almost a full week of rain, so sitting by the window was pleasant and I had eight solid hours to just sit there and relax.

Modern Day Hobbit Adventure – Pt 1

#R20160411_150059unFrodoRun – UK Section (approx 260 miles)

Not a lot of people know this, but being in possession of the ring of power in today’s day and age is a real pain; everything’s a bit different now.

Firstly, there’s more traffic and things out there now to get in the way.  Secondly, finding Mordor is a bit more challenging now everything is a bit more built up.

Eventually, after some careful, considered minutes of searching for stuff in google maps, I found Mordor. It turns out it’s just a small area on the outskirts of Essen in Germany. No idea what it was yet, but it was indisputably labelled ‘Mordor’. So off I went with an aim to run as much of this route as possible.