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Combining Personal Training with a Running Club…

There are a lot of running clubs and groups about these days, which is great! Running as a sport has a great community base, and accessable to pretty much anybody willing to put the effort in.

So what makes mine different?

It’s all in the focus!


My trail running group at Teggs Nose 🙂

The main focus for this club is the ‘training‘ element; training SMART to match your goals and building a body that is more resistant to injury.

Goals will vary from group to group, but to really get the most from your body, it’s important that when we go for a run, we know exactly WHAT we’re doing and WHY it works!

I am currently taking on groups of six runners at either a similar ability, or with the same type of running goals for a six week crash course to take their running to the next level!

“A strong runner does more than just churn out the mileage”

During the six weeks, we’ll be following a daily plan covering mobility, strength, speed, control and rest; everything you’ll need! Plus we will be meeting up as a group twice a week to look at things like the biomechanics of good running form, choosing the right tempo to hit the right energy systems and hopefully having a decent time in the process.

This is PERSONAL training: Tell me your goals!

  • Reaching a distance? 5k, 10k, HM etc…

  • Become stronger on the hills?

  • Get faster at a set distance?

  • Set yourself up for a lifetime in the sport with fewer injuries?


Core training with the TRX

I will be running the first of these courses (first come, first served) for only £75! That’s essentially 12 training sessions with a fully qualified Personal Trainer and a six week training plan. That’s not bad value if I do say so myself.

Contact me on here, on facebook, or on the good old-fashioned telephone for more details, or to book your place 🙂


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