Frodo Goes to Wales

Last weekend, I traveled to Wales to basically run about with no planned route. My rule was I was not allowed to say “no” to any local route suggestion made by anyone I spoke to whilst out there. The result had me travel all along the north coast, and finish by climbing up Moel Siobod before returning to Betws-y-Coed.

This video shows some of my trip, and a fair bit of messing about. It also shows that I can’t say anywhere in Wales properly and I don’t seem to know what part of my phone does the filming.

Frodo in Wales


Hi there,

As many of you already know, I do quite a lot of running about. I’m not the best at it, I’m certainly not the fastest at it, but I do lots of it!

This weekend, I am running around in Wales in search of the best places to run. Perhaps you’ve seen me out there, or I’ve spoken to you already. I’m not difficult to spot; I’m the one running around with a blue backpack and look like an idiot.

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Macclesfield Trail Run

Sometimes it’s great just to drop your training agenda and just run about somewhere. The number of times I am so focused on getting further away (as is the nature of running), I don’t really notice where I am. This time, in the nice weather I decided to take my time and actually look around a bit.

Information that Strava gave me

Information that Strava gave me

Satellite map of the route

Satellite map of the route

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

If I was training hard, this is what I’d call one of my ‘two peaks runs’. There’s loads of hills round here and in a standard mid-week hill session, I would aim to hit two of them in a training run and keep a good tempo. In this instance, they were Tegg’s Nose and Shutlingsloe.

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