Macclesfield Based, Personal Training for Runners!

Small group, advanced conditioning club for building STRONGER, more complete runners. This includes technique training for a higher running economy and maximum resistance to injury. Training shifts in focus seasonally and broken down into specific mini training cycles, in small groups for optimal quality.

Whether you run at a 7min/mile or 14, training intensity is completely up to you; everybody works at their own relative pace during the sessions. There is no pressure to keep up with anyone else.

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Fully Qualified, Fully Insured Personal Training at a Fraction of the Usual Cost:


Up to three club training sessions/week plus any social runs, and discounted 1-1 sessions if required.


Unlimited club training sessions and occasional 1-1 coaching included whenever beneficial.


Only available certain times of the year? Or can only commit to training with us once/week? Bespoke packages available on request.

ALL memberships come with a free technical t-shirt. Once a member, you will also have access to all of the online support material and challenges on Facebook, Strava and Google Drive. Seasonal social runs and help with transport if necessary come at no extra cost!

How Does It Work?

Building STRONG runners with a higher resistance to injury is about so much more than just running.

Works particularly well in conjunction with one of the local Harriers clubs for getting mileage up, but either way, no gyms required! (unless you like them)

Our training sessions will typically be either:

Conditioning SPECIFIC to runners

a) A structured tempo run or speed development session. Here we work on specific energy systems of the body, programmed in a way to avoid over-training or plateaus.

b) A ‘run specific‘ conditioning session. Important aspects of running, often neglected, such as MOBILITYSTRENGTHSTABILITYBALANCESPEED, POWER and BREATH CONTROL.

c) A social run in varying awesome locations. Sometimes, it’s important to throw all training agenda out of the window and just run somewhere nice in good company. Remind yourself exactly why you put yourself through all the hard training 

Intensity vs Volume – Training cycle focuses

Training is seasonal; which means we use the weather and daylight to our advantage to achieve the best possible results.

Groups will typically aim to be between 4-7 people for optimum results in the running sessions. Conditioning classes can be slightly larger.

But Am I Fast Enough?

If you can hold a 12min/mile pace or faster for 5k, you will have absolutely no problem with anything I throw at you in the main group.

Social runs included at NO extra cost

Slower pace? No problem. I offer easier groups when numbers permit; OR bespoke memberships where you attend all the manageable sessions from the main group, and supplement that with 1-1 training to make up the value and achieve FAST progression.

So, the short answer is: Yes.

How Do I Book On?

You can send me a quick message @ or from my Facebook page HERE

Or I can be contacted on:

07887 698 532

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