Myths About Running Training


There are plenty of myths flying about all over the place when it comes to running; mainly vocalized by non-runners with various degrees of truth and hilarity to them. However, I also hear two very distinct, performance hindering myths from regular runners, and they both surround the subject of TRAINING as a runner.

  • MYTH #01 – “Runners don’t need to train legs because of all the running we do”
  • MYTH #02 – “Runners don’t need to train upper body because you don’t need that for running”

Hobbit Adventure??

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Week 1 and the UK section of my journey to Mordor!

Why am I doing this?

It’s a good question… Essentially, I am looking at running literally hundreds of miles, straight on from the Manchester Marathon, which other than a ferry into Holland, will all be on foot. [MORE DETAILS HERE]. Plus the Lord of the Rings theme is only going to serve to make this more uncomfortable. I appreciate people might think I’m being a bit weird.