2013 in Review…

Or a “running” commentary *snigger*

2013 has been quite a significant year for me. Most notably as it was this year that I finally decided to make a proper go at this “running” thing; as in actually start “entering” some events, instead of just running 100’s of miles all around the Peak District with nothing to show for it.

Let’s see, how can I sum the year up? …. 10 marathons, 2 ultras, a couple of 10k’s and a half marathon. That’s about the size of it.

Stratford Marathon Weekend

Who says that trail running is a summer only sport? I can’t think of a better way to ease into the Christmas period than entering a double marathon weekend and apparently, there are plenty of people who agree with me.

I’ve only considered myself to have been running properly from this year (2013), as in entering regular events, but such is the community at these trail events, you start recognising people very quickly and making new mates with every one of them.

This was definitely no exception, with unbelievable hospitality and welcoming from the race organisers at Broadmeadow Runs, and surrounded by a wealth of people that run marathons for fun.