Frodo goes to Wales – Part II-2

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PART II-2 – The Running Bit

Here is how I roughly saw the 4-day weekend panning out:

  • STEP 1: Travel to Tenby and head for the coast.
  • STEP 2: Camp out, ensuring that all equipment is still up to standard before venturing onward.
  • STEP 3: Wake up crack of dawn and run north.
  • STEP 4: 4 days later, have either:
    • Run a coast to coast
    • Tackled a few mountains
    • Covered the best part of 200 miles
  • STEP 5: Cease running. Go home.

Frodo goes to Wales – Part II-1

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My series of ‘Frodo goes to Wales’, now in its second installment is like an idiots guide to running around. I say that because I would certainly not call myself an expert on it; I just do it a lot and make loads of mistakes. So much so, my new mantra these days is that if an adventure goes completely according to plan, it is not a successful adventure.

Just to explain that, I think it’s always a good idea to have a plan, however loose. It’s just that when things go wrong it’s also nice to just be able to roll with the punches.

Frodo goes to Wales – Part I

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OBJECTIVE: Go to Wales – Let the public decide your route – See where you end up at the end of the weekend. Simple.



One of the best things about running is that in theory, you only need a pair of half decent trainers to go out and do it, and with the rise of the concept of ‘barefoot’ running, it could be argued that we don’t even need that.

How come then, that as the years have gone on (I’m in my 4th year of running now), my running expenses seem to have gone up and up? Haven’t I got everything I need now?