Lands End to John O’Groats – A Hobbits Journey, Part 2.

Day 8: Tintern Abbey to Hereford

This morning I got up ridiculously early. It was my naïve idea to pinch an extra few miles today by sleeping a bit less; a plan I would soon learn that does NOT work.

That morning’s run was amazing! Plodding up all of the country roads, plus there was more or less zero traffic to worry about.

Lands End to John O’Groats – A Hobbits Journey, Part 1.

There may not have been as many dragons, trolls or Nazgul to contend with on this journey. There were however a great many castles, misty mountains to pass through and I swear a couple of wizards I met on route. All in all, pretty similar to my last trip out; getting shut of that pesky ring.

Lands End to John O’Groats – A Hobbits Journey


After a grueling 27 days with no rest, I finally made it back to the comfort of my own home. I’m sat here now, relaxed in my living room writing this with no immediate agenda to get back up again. It’s nice.

This is just a quick overview of my experience out there; what I’m describing as an odd combination of Forest Gump and a hobbits journey.

Challenge Complete!

Howdy folks,

A bit later updating than I’d hoped this week, but fear not, I’m still here!

So, where’s Dan this week? Well, he’s back in Cheshire again! No, he’s not taken a wrong turn; he’s done!
Friday 04th April was the end date for this monumental challenge and clocking in at less than 28 days for completion, I’d say that’s a mighty impressive feat!

“Just a couple more times over the horizon…”

Howdy folks, you all know what day it is! … Saturday.

Also update day!

So, where was Mr Frodo when I last left off? He was about half way up the country with an impressive 500+ miles racked up. Now? Well, it appears he has been smashing it this week, eating up the miles as he races across Scotland covering what must be easily 800 miles by now.

Upon entering Scotland the journey seems to have been a long battle of constant muscle pains countered only by sheer force of will to keep moving, ‘though the prettiful scenery Scotland has to offer has probably helped with the enthusiasm somewhat.

Another Weekend – Another Update


Hi guys! Guess who!

Sam here, it’s weeekeeend! Which to most people means “let’s all go out and get stupidly drunk!” to others, such as myself, it means I have some free time on my hands, so naturally, time for an update on Frodo’s progress!

It has been approximately 1 week since my last update and as shown by the update from Yvonne yesterday, our runner seems to get more impressive with every passing day, he’s now well past the half way point on this 1,000 mile run (to the non math-buff’s amongst us I’ve confirmed via Microsoft Calculator; that’s more than 500 miles!) so, several days and several hundred miles, there’s bound to be a story or two to tell.

Where is Frodo now?


This map shows Dan’s progress up to day 14 (21st March 2014) of his Lands End to John O’Groats Challenge: He is estimated to have already run over 500 miles and the chart below shows roughly where those miles were covered:

map miles

This shows us that he has passed the halfway mark and let’s hope he can keep his spirits up and face the rest of the challenge with the grit, determination and humour that he has shown thus far.

Don’t forget to visit to donate to Sport Relief and reward Dan’s colossal effort (if you haven’t already). Your support is appreciated.

The Journey So Far.

How-do readers! Sam again, weekend is here, it’s time for a progress report on the further adventures of Frodo the running hobbit!

The Journey So Far.

When last I left off, Dan was enjoying the sea and sun while making his way along the coast of Cornwall. That was 6 days ago. Suffice it to say; significant progress has been made since.

And… He’s off!

Hi guys, Sam here with an update on the progress so far!

Well, it’s official! (… Sort of) more of an estimate based on Facebook updates; but the event has started! Our hobbit friend set off from Land’s End at approximately midday on Saturday 08/03/14, which of course marks the beginning of what is sure to be the longest journey since a few years back when he left the Shire to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mt Doom.