Currently Recruiting!!!

  • Can you train Tuesday’s and Friday’s, early evenings in Macclesfield from September??
  • I have spaces for 4-7 aspiring new recruits looking to take their running to the next level!
  • Contact me at to book on now!

What Is It?

Trail running group at Teggs Nose Country Park

Trail running group at Teggs Nose Country Park

This is a low cost, six week crash course for building STRONGER, more complete runners. This means working on a good running economy and resistance to injury. We will be following a daily plan; meeting up twice a week for specific training and feedback.

This is not like a regular running club; we won’t just be going for a run each session for example. This is more like small group Personal Training for running specific goals. The three angles are ‘technique’, ‘strength’ AND running fitness.

Payment for Run Stronger Club is simply per course you attend; there’s no contract, monthly subscriptions, or anything like that. Once a member however, you can choose to join as many, or as few of the follow-up courses as you like, and get continued online support on Strava/Facebook.

There is also a five day course option for those people who are not as local and have their own group they’d like to train with. Email me for details.

How Does It Work?

Includes running specific conditioning for fewer injuries!

At the start, you will be given a blank template for a training plan, with a few rules and suggestions in a melting pot below. The idea is, that as we cover more and more different types of training; working all the energy systems and various fitness demands, you will gain the insight and knowledge to build up your own plan that is unique to you. Your own goals and what you like doing the most.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of the running programmes you can download from the internet, or find in magazines. I’m not saying they’re no good or anything; they just don’t work for me. I like to give myself choice as often as possible, and that is exactly what this club is geared towards.

Who Is This For?

For anyone willing to travel to Macclesfield,  Buxton or Teggs Nose Country Park twice a week, or for a one week break. ALL abilities and experience welcome. I try to group similar abilities together wherever possible.

What Can I Expect From It?

Includes regular, social outings for no additional cost!

I usually like to be working with somebody for three months before expecting ‘significant’ PB’s to happen, which would be two of these courses consecutively. However, members have commented that their running form feels better inside the six weeks and less niggles occur.

Additionally, you CAN expect to have a good time, learn a few things and provide yourself a solid springboard to go on and enjoy running the way YOU want.

A free technical t-shirt is now included on your first course.

How Much Does It Cost And How Do I Book On?

Current cost is £100 (including t-shirt)

[Application form here]

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