What Is It?

We are a low cost, advanced conditioning club for building STRONGER, more complete runners. This includes technique training for a higher running economy and maximum resistance to injury. Training shifts in focus seasonally and we break it down into specific mini cycles of six weeks, in small groups for optimal quality.

Training intensity is completely up to you; everybody works at their own pace during the sessions. There is no pressure to keep up with anyone else.

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Up to three club training sessions/week and 1-1 catch-up training available around personal holidays.


Unlimited club training sessions and regular 1-1 training made available wherever beneficial.


Only available certain times of the year? Or only wishing to train with us once/week? Discounted rates and bespoke packages available on request.


ALL memberships come with a free technical t-shirt. Once a member, you will also have access to all of the online support material and challenges on Facebook, Strava and Google Drive. Seasonal social runs and help with transport if necessary come at no extra cost!

How Does It Work?

Building STRONG runners with a higher resistance to injury is about so much more than just running. Training sessions will typically be either:

a) A structured tempo run (usually around 3-5 miles). This is where we work on a specific energy system of the body, and develop it using the ‘progressive overload’ method.

b) A ‘run specific‘ conditioning session. Important aspects of running, often neglected, such as MOBILITYSTRENGTH, STABILITY, BALANCE, SPEED, POWER and BREATH CONTROL.

Simplified model of periodized training.

Training is seasonal; which means we use the weather and daylight available to our advantage, to achieve the best possible results.

Groups will typically aim to be between 4-7 people for optimum results in the running sessions. Conditioning classes can be slightly larger.

Who Is This For?

Run Stronger Club would be an ideal choice for ANYONE who fits the following:

  • You have completed an NHS ‘couch to 5k/10k‘ type programme and wish to advance to the next level.
  • You are a member of another running group or club and would like to supplement this training. Particularly if you find yourself a little between group levels.
  • You play/train at another sport and find that running training benefits your performance.
  • You have trouble with persistent niggles that break progress, and you want to find a way to break the cycle.
  • You have a specific running goal, or an illusive PB you want to achieve.

What Can I Expect From It?

Includes regular, social outings for no additional cost!


As the club is now in its second year, I can happily report that there have been some staggering improvements from members; especially from those who have been with me right from the start. It means such a lot that so many have stuck with me this whole time, and I generally try my hardest to reward that loyalty with as much value for money as possible.

You can also expect to have a good time, learn a few things and become a lot HARDER to the English weather conditions.

You will also get good at running over hills. This is non-optional 😉

How Do I Book On?

You can send me a quick message @ or from my Facebook page HERE

I can either send you the link to the online booking page, OR…

[Application form here]

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