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Shot_01Specialist Personal Trainer in running biomechanics and endurance training.

Outdoor Personal Training all around the Macclesfield area, including ‘Teggs Nose Country Park‘. Whether your goal is starting running from scratch, improving your times, or simply looking for physical and mental health management through training; here is what I have to offer….


Photo taken near Macc Forest during a club run.

Can I help YOU?

It’s important, when choosing a Personal Trainer, that you choose the right one for you, as it’s a big investment in yourself that’s more than just a financial one. You want to find a PT that not only matches up with your goals, but also fits your personality.

My favourite client that week.

My favourite client that week.

My style is quite relaxed generally, with an emphasis on being able to have a laugh while you train; even when it’s brutally hard. I’d make a terrible military trainer, as I never shout, but I work well with certain people. I particularly like to work with people who ask me a lot of questions, as that normally means they’re taking things in and doing the homework I set.

So if you’ve read this far and are still interested; take a look at the following services I offer and please get in touch. I’ll be happy to hear from you! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂

One-One / Small Group Personal Training:

Xmas themed PT session, 2015

Xmas themed PT session, 2015

Whether it’s running specific, general fitness, weight loss, or even exercise for stress relief. There’s a specific programme out there for everyone!

There are no “random” workouts with 1-1 training clients. Everything is prescriptively programmed in an order, focus and intensity to suit the individual, based on analysis of movement or physical performances.


    • 1-1 PT = £30/hr session
    • 2-1 PT = £40/hr session
    • 3-1 PT = £45/hr session
  • 4+ Group Training = Prices vary depending on activity

Run Stronger Club:

groupIn my opinion, personal training is something that should be made available to ANYONE willing to put the effort in; even on a small budget. So for this reason, I designed this small group, fully programmed, personal training style running club to cover ALL aspects of runner development at a low cost.

Training shifts in focus seasonally, and we train all year round in all weather, several times per week. The more you train, the better the value!

More info HERE…


£74/month (inc. tshirt) – [Application form here]

Peak District Holiday Training Camp:

Plenty of scenic areas to run through!

Plenty of scenic areas to run through!

It seems so strange to me, because I live here, but Buxton happens to be a really nice place to visit, with some great areas of natural beauty to run around!

If you happen to be in the area for a week or more; you can book me for a couple of hours a day for some light training and take in some of the best scenery there is to offer.


Will vary on numbers/ability, but based from approx: £300 per week (10hrs, excluding expenses) – Split between 1-6 people

Fully Custom Built Plan:

Got a specific event in mind? A length of time or budget you wish to stick to? Then tell me EXACTLY what you want…

Just let me know numbers, how many hours per day/week you want to commit to, and we can build a programme specifically to YOU and your group.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or booking a place for either yourself, or group of friends, please get in touch:

07887 698 532

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