The Vegan Welsh 3,000’s

V3KThis is a 55km route covering several popular areas of Snowdonia, so as any experienced ultra-marathon runner would tell you, this is not huge mileage.

So why is it then, sitting here now on the morning after the event, do I feel like I’ve just completed an intense, full body workout?

This is because the race is a bit different to most ultra-marathons you see, in that it happens to cover 15 of the highest peaks in Wales. In fact, the reason the course is called the Welsh “3,000’s” is because of the 15 peaks >3,000ft. I think an apt description for the event would be more like ‘a full day of mountain climbing’ than it could be described as a ‘running race’. Nevertheless, the result is spectacular! Not for the faint-hearted, but definitely spectacular.