And… He’s off!

Hi guys, Sam here with an update on the progress so far!

Well, it’s official! (… Sort of) more of an estimate based on Facebook updates; but the event has started! Our hobbit friend set off from Land’s End at approximately midday on Saturday 08/03/14, which of course marks the beginning of what is sure to be the longest journey since a few years back when he left the Shire to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mt Doom.

As has been stated on a number of occasions – this is going to be a long adventure, so naturally, it bodes well that Dan can find amusement in the little things; shortly after he’d set off, this appeared via Twitter:

Just passing through…

I’m not sure if the initial timetable Dan wrote up had these little distractions factored in but we shall see!

Now, with the event well under way, Dan’s progress on the whole has been relatively steady, a few “current location” maps have popped up on social media which help provide an interesting perspective on the event.

It’s now fairly safe to say he’s made it to somewhere along the coast of Cornwall.

Rather conveniently, the weather has proven to be a welcome ally for a change too, I myself have seen the end result of his training while battling the elements on several different occasions in the past (the image of a wet dog is somewhat of a reasonable comparison) so fingers crossed that the sun and clear skies continue to allow for some decent headway to be made in these early stages.

So there we have the current state of play – good weather, decent ground covered, minimal distractions. All in all – looking good so far!

As always, donations are still open if any of you are able, we have no PayPal or direct online payment I’m afraid but leave a comment or message me on Facebook (Sam Mayers) and I can provide you with everything you need!

I shall be reporting back with further updates as more progress is made.

Watch this space.

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  1. rousham says:

    Hi Dan, thinking of you. You’ve got a great start with the sunshine. Keep us informed of progress. AR

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