Another Weekend – Another Update


Hi guys! Guess who!

Sam here, it’s weeekeeend! Which to most people means “let’s all go out and get stupidly drunk!” to others, such as myself, it means I have some free time on my hands, so naturally, time for an update on Frodo’s progress!

It has been approximately 1 week since my last update and as shown by the update from Yvonne yesterday, our runner seems to get more impressive with every passing day, he’s now well past the half way point on this 1,000 mile run (to the non math-buff’s amongst us I’ve confirmed via Microsoft Calculator; that’s more than 500 miles!) so, several days and several hundred miles, there’s bound to be a story or two to tell.

So, I forget what day it was now, but earlier in the week I got a call from one happy-hobbit who couldn’t believe his luck; he was on his 3rd night in a row with luxury sleeping arrangements, which, when compared to the camping exploits from last week, was definitely a welcome change. Perhaps one of the most welcome rests came just on the edge of Hereford where Mr Frodo was greeted by two generous individuals, Liz and Rob. Now, at this point I should explain, Dan was broken. Sore, blistered, exhausted, sleep deprived, hungry – you name it. These two individuals saw this damaged hobbit fighting against the will of his own body to keep moving, and after hearing his story, they both agreed that they would do their part in putting him back together again, which they did, admirably. They offered a roof to stay under, a bed to sleep on, and food and drink on the side – Heck, they even did his laundry if I’m not mistaken, and as Dan’s housemate I can safely say, that is a feat worthy of high praise. All in all, Liz and Rob offered Dan a much needed and greatly deserved recharge. The next day, he was dropped at the exact spot; “to the inch” – he says. as to where they found him initially and set him back on his way.

The broken hobbit. Kind of.

So, back on the journey, running at full steam once again! It doesn’t take long before the childlike sense-of-humour of his emerges:

From there on out, it appears to have been somewhat smooth sailing through to Cheshire or “the half way point” as mentioned earlier, meeting with friends and family along the way who have also done their part in providing comfortable sleeping arrangements and good company to boot, all of which deserve thanking on behalf of Dan and the rest of his followers.

So finally, please, keep the support and donations coming everyone, every bit helps and it all goes to worthy causes! Oh yes, on the subject of donations, we now have a sport relief page to help make donations a little more straightforward, too!

Well, that appears to be all I have for you guys at the moment anyways, I will keep updating as/when possible with further news as it happens!
Watch this space!

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