Training in the GREAT Outdoors

It is relatively common knowledge these days, that exercise is not only good for us physically, but also for our mental health. Studies show time and time again, that particularly in cases of ‘mild’ depression or anxiety, even basic physical activity can have a hugely positive impact.

The term “exercise” however, is quite nebulous by default. The range of intensities alone leave it confusing to know what’s best, and that’s before we even bring ‘sport’, or ‘competition’ into the options.

The Next Mini-Adventure

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Getting Ready

I usually find it’s best to not ‘over plan‘ all the little details, as things rarely go as you imagine it will, and it’s easier to roll with the punches when you’ve not set your heart on things going a precise, certain way.

However, it is always nice to get the basics right.


In years gone by, I’ve got this all kinds of wrong. Sometimes due to a lack of experience; other times more down to a lack of money. Here is a basic breakdown of what I’m taking on this trip, and why: