Double Marathon Weekend for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Two years ago, I ran my first ever marathon. It’s a great feeling! The accomplishment and raising money for charity; it’s a bit more-ish.

The RMCH is a particularly pertinent charity to me, going back years and years from when my younger brothers and sister where kids. So when I decided to do some running for them, it didn’t seem quite enough to just do another marathon. After a long think and several strokey-beard meetings considering the notion- “What would be twice as tough as a marathon?” I thought …….. “2 marathons. Genius.” It’s often the simplest ideas that are the best.

A sensible person would probably select 2 relatively simple marathons; on simple, flat terrain and not too far apart from each other. I am not a sensible person.

The first one was in Warwickshire; a tough ‘trail‘ marathon up and down hills I didn’t know existed in that part of the country. Immediately after finishing, I then jumped in the car and trekked over to Pembrokeshire for ‘The Wales Marathon‘ the following morning. This one covered the renowned coastal paths of Tenby…. Hills, basically. Loads of them… For 26.2 miles.

The weekend was a cracking success! The support of everyone I met was unprecedented; the weather was sweltering throughout and we raised a decent amount of money for the children’s hospital in the process! I also came out with a very unlikely PB and a baffling 15th place in the Wales Marathon somehow. Role on the next challenge!

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