Commencing Resistance Training…

I purchased this the other day, in preparation for this little run from Lands End to John O’ Groats I have planned for Sport Relief.

Backpack I'll be using for LEJOG run.

Backpack I’ll be using for LEJOG run.

I’d say I’m ready for the distances I need to cover; I’ve done enough marathons, ultras and hills I’d need to feel confident of that side of things.

Next up, I should probably get conditioning myself for the resistance of running with a massive backpack on my back.

Country to Capital Ultra

First competition of 2014, and it was a good one! This was an unmarked, 45 mile course; taking you from Wendover, to Little Venice in London.

Shoulder of Mutton pub for the start.

Shoulder of Mutton pub for the start.

The timing of this race could not have been better, as it allowed for a festive and moderately intoxicated Christmas; then back to business in the New Year. I tend to NEED these events up there in the horizon, to act as beacons to a constant reminder not to slip into past lifestyle habits again. I think last Christmas continued until end of February… This gave me a good, solid week of detox and heavy training, to get myself back into fitness in time.

New Trainers?

Brand new!

Brand new!

This is a story of how I bought some new trainers. I got some Adidas Duramo TR 5’s on sale, as I was on a bit of a tight budget. I’ll start by doing a bit of a review of the shoes: They’re alright; they are breathable, reasonably lightweight, they feel comfortable and for the money, excellent value. Now that’s out of the way, what was I talking about? Oh yeah…

New, ish...

New, ish…

As a runner and trail runner; I’m talking about that little window you get between having brand new trainers, to them just being… Your trainers. Usually this is about 15 minutes; 20 if you’re careful.

2013 in Review…

Or a “running” commentary *snigger*

2013 has been quite a significant year for me. Most notably as it was this year that I finally decided to make a proper go at this “running” thing; as in actually start “entering” some events, instead of just running 100’s of miles all around the Peak District with nothing to show for it.

Let’s see, how can I sum the year up? …. 10 marathons, 2 ultras, a couple of 10k’s and a half marathon. That’s about the size of it.

Stratford Marathon Weekend

Who says that trail running is a summer only sport? I can’t think of a better way to ease into the Christmas period than entering a double marathon weekend and apparently, there are plenty of people who agree with me.

I’ve only considered myself to have been running properly from this year (2013), as in entering regular events, but such is the community at these trail events, you start recognising people very quickly and making new mates with every one of them.

This was definitely no exception, with unbelievable hospitality and welcoming from the race organisers at Broadmeadow Runs, and surrounded by a wealth of people that run marathons for fun.

My Precarious Relationship with Alcohol over the Years

Fun times at Bradford University.

Fun times at Bradford University.

A glass of wine every day is meant to be good for you; that’s what medical experts agree isn’t it? But how big is this glass? Can I use a MASSIVE glass? And can I have BEER instead of wine? And instead of having that same massive glass all evening, can I separate it out into 9 or 10 different receptacle containers (let’s call them pints), to be consumed at my own convenience over the evening? It all sounds quite silly, but this is exactly the kind of thing that my brain is very good at doing; giving me arguments, ludicrous or pertinent, to have a drink too many. All the time.


For those people asking me what route I’ll be taking next March. Here you are!

This is currently a 2nd draft route and is no doubt going to change quite a bit by March. Plus anyone that knows my sense of direction will be aware that much of this will change on route.

Two Marathons, Same Day.

The Spooky Halloween Challenge & Pumpkin Marathon

As part of my training for LEJOG next spring, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable in running for 50 miles+ in a day. These marathons came up, and I thought “perfect!”, a simple course with the emphasis on running steady and consistently.

I’d weighed it up pretty quickly, exactly how to play this one; the course wasn’t completely flat, it had a couple a couple of vague hills within the 1km laps. It didn’t take a genius to work out that if I played it right, and worked on 9 minute miles, I could finish both of them in around 4 hours (hopefully) relatively comfortably… Good plan Daniel; you’ve really excelled yourself once again in both sensibility, and maths.

Lands End to John O’ Groats

My 1,000 mile mission from one end of the country to the other next spring is building up momentum.

Target of £2,000 in Corporate sponsorship. Raising money for Sport Relief, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and East Cheshire Hospice.

Early days, and interest is already growing from local companies. Looks like there’s no backing out now…